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Things You Should Know About Sustainable Seafood

April 29, 2022

Sustainability is a popular topic and a common concern of consumers. Many people want to know that what they use, wear, and eat is sustainably sourced. Wild-caught seafood is a great source of protein and a dinnertime favorite. But is it a sustainable seafood option? Below is a brief sustainable seafood guide.

The Basic Facts About Sustainable Fishing

Sustainability can be defined in several ways in the seafood industry. Essentially, sustainability is integrated throughout all aspects of the process, including:

  • Harvesting: Fishing methods must exhibit minimal environmental impact. Sustainable fisheries avoid reducing essential fish habitats, rebuild natural stocks, and minimize bycatch (catching other non-target species), particularly endangered types of marine species

  • Sourcing: Sustainable fishing takes place in approved waters and avoids producing negative impacts on habitats like food chain interruptions

  • Regulations: A sustainable seafood movement resulted in regulations regarding fishing, harvesting, and other related aspects of fishing. Seafood companies have been innovative in creating fishing methods that ensure sustainability

  • Community: Working with each seafood dealer, local retailer, and restaurant to ensure the seafood products are beneficial to their needs while and provide the desired types of seafood

The above combined create sustainable seafood choices that benefit everyone while focusing on providing wild seafood that is fresh and maintaining healthy oceans.

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