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Wild-Caught vs. Aquaculture (Farm-Raised) Fish: Myths and Facts

Sometimes knowing which fish to eat is confusing. Issues such as contaminants and nutrition are of concern and one further complication is the growing concern of origin. Is the fish wild or farmed?

Wild Caught

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon are those who have lived their life in the natural environment, whether salt or freshwater. The facts are simple:

  • They eat a varied diet including algae, seaweed, kelp, and smaller fish

  • The result of this diet is higher amounts of diverse minerals and vitamins

  • Wild fish are lean

  • They contain significant amounts of omega-3 fats naturally, contributing to the diverse health benefits, including heart health

While overfishing is an issue, sustainable practices by reputable fishing companies are working to reduce the overall impact of this environmental issue.

Aquaculture Fish

Also known as farmed-raised fish, this type of fish presents a completely different picture of the fishing industry. In comparison:

  • The diet is restrictive. It consists of monocrops and colorants (for salmon)

  • Various antibiotics are added to prevent outbreaks of disease

  • Contaminants are not uncommon in farmed salmon and other fish. PCB levels are higher than those in wild fish

Farmed salmon are not naturally pink. This is a myth. They are naturally grey as a result of their diet. A colorant added to their feed produces the pink color that is more similar to wild salmon

Wild-Caught vs. Aquaculture (Farm-Raised) Fish: Myths and Facts

There are many myths and facts around about the difference between wild and farmed fish. When compared, they are far from identical. Check out some of our other blogs to discover more about the benefits of wild-caught fish.

Research Box

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